There is no shortage of Information available – in fact, your problem may be that there is too much information, but very little clarity on what is useful, or what it all means. It is no longer enough to look at your org chart, or a resume, to understand who is (or could) do the work ,or how it is getting done. The velocity and complexity of work demands you go much deeper to look at who people are – their emotions, their thought processes, their behaviors – how they interact, their ambitions and their preferences, to make clear, quality decisions. Tambr helps cut through the chaos to clarify what you need to know.
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Organizations are operating in a level of environmental volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) that is creating significant new challenges and magnifying old ones. This has created a situation where senior leaders can no longer plug the holes and continue to stay afloat.

To continue to be successful will require an understanding of where your organization is and a reimagining of where you want to go. To do so, Tambr provides a complete assessment of the organization and its workforce to make success possible no matter the challenges that lay ahead.

With Tambr, you can understand your organization’s

Culture Adaptability
Skills Inventory Organizational Structure
Resilience And, much more
Informal Roles and Relationships  


Most work today happens within teams. Unfortunately, the experience and success of teams can vary widely within an organization – and with little sightline. This often starts with how teams are designed and plays out in ineffective collaboration and low psychological safety.

With Tambr, you can gain insight into team

Composition Psychological Safety
Collaboration Health
Cognitive Diversity And, much more
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An organization’s greatest asset is its workers. However, the changing power dynamics between organization and worker, and the expectation each have of one another today, makes truly understanding who workers are as people, and everything they can and desire to bring to your organization, a necessity if you hope to optimize their contribution, retain them, and enable their growth.

With Tambr you can get a clear picture of a worker’s

Skills Profile Adaptability Quotient (AQ)
Leadership Style Flexible Work Personas
Informal and Formal Network And, much more

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