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"Looking at top performers and identifying their common traits will change the world and help people and companies grow through their adversity and diversity"
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Hunova is the team who built IBM Watson and, and who advise the U.S. Department of Justice on staffing and equal employment using Artificial Intelligence.  We measure and unlock human potential through the study of language. 

Hunova Provides Value from Pre-hire through the Entire Employee Lifecycle
Hunova allows clients to conduct remote interviews, scan social media sites, and engage on-boarded employees in meaningful and positive ways without the need for time-consuming tests. We help to avoid workplace misconduct, prevent costly legal action, and improve the quality and happiness of people.
Hunova is Proven to Be Valid and Accurate in Business Settings, Not a Personality Test
Hunova assessments of people have been validated in the workplace by managers through studies that demonstrate not only that what we determined about employees was accurate but also that we deliver tangible return on investment often within less than a year.  We can do so in all the most spoken global languages.
How is Hunova Unique to Other Solutions
  • Results are instantaneous from social or in less than 5 minutes from open questions
  • We provide business behavior outcomes, not personality scores or interview "gestures" 
  • Our insights have been validated over multiple-year employment studies within Global 100 clients
  • We are the most cost-effective solution in the market with a guaranteed return on investment

Our Mission: To bring a deep knowledge of human capabilities and the taxonomy of how humans function, think, and act to support a diverse individual's differentiated abilities.  

The Cost of a Bad Hire - 80% of Turnover is attributed to bad hiring decisions

A study published in the Harvard Business Review found a staggering 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to bad hiring decisions. According to a study by SHRM, it could cost up to five times a bad hire’s annual salary. SHRM also found that the higher the person’s position and the longer they remain in that position, the more it will cost to replace him or her.

This serves as a wake-up call for organizations, underscoring the significant problem within the hiring process. Moreover, the HBR study highlights that organizations with effective hiring processes experience 50% lower turnover rates compared to those with poor practices. This emphasizes the critical role of a robust hiring process and the augmented intelligence that Hunova provides in reducing turnover and creating a stable workforce.   Harvard Business Review SHRM

Why Assessing Language Matters - People typically disengage from taking an assessment after 7 minutes
Applicants and team members are the ultimate ghosters. Some of the most widely used AI assessments on the market are gamable with countless YouTube videos on how to pass AI assessments based on work-related questions.
With Hunova, every candidate gets a personalized analysis, whether they volunteer access to their social posts, and videos or simply engage in expressing what matters to them instead of answering job-related questions. That's gold for recruiters, candidates, and your employer brand. Using native language to analyze the impact a person will have, is blind to gender, race, age, and any personal factors and is a must-have in today’s current climate. It means every company can introduce bias interruption for every hire and promotion. Imagine what that will do to diversity and accuracy in hiring!


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Designed with compliance and integration in mind. Better understand and uncover the potential of your most valuable assets with timely insights and recommendations.




The Hunova assessment is powered by written text to help you develop a more complete picture of your organization. 



Hunova provides unique insights to help foster an understanding of an employee’s motivations and capabilities.



Tailor approaches that are better suited to employees' needs with unique insights to motivate and engage them in their work.



Build understanding between managers and employees, empowering positive connections to the benefit of your organization. 

Whether from social media, video, audio, email, phone or video interviews, pulse apps or open-ended questions, our proprietary ensemble of algorithms, built by world-class Phds, including three that founded the solutions behind IBM Watson and Salesforce don’t deliver personality traits, but business and performance competencies that matter.


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Personas help identify the key abilities that are important for success in a particular role and can be used to guide the development and training of individuals.



Acumen is important for success and development, as it enables individuals to think critically and make informed decisions in their professional lives.



Interpersonal facets are important for personal and professional success, as it enables individuals to build positive relationships and work effectively with others.


Deep Characteristics

Based on unique patterns in text, we can tie data back to validated psychological frameworks depending on your organization's needs.

ROI - Guaranteed

Reduced Cost and Risk

Greater Employee Engagement


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