Quantify The Qualitative. Uncover Potential & Reduce Bias


Hunova is an enterprise human capital insights platform that leverages advanced natural language processing techniques.

With the rapid shift to remote and hybrid work, it is more important than ever to invest in understanding the potential of your workforce. Tailoring designs and approaches around the motivations and potential of employees with people insights allows organizations to adapt to the constantly evolving world of work. 

We leverage AI and machine learning technology to make work better for workers, and workers better at work!

Reduce organizational churn risk

Garner effective communication strategies to drive and build successful relationships

Champion remote and hybrid work by optimizing workforce design based on validated people insights

Supplement performance management with unbiased assessments that provide a third-party evaluation of  potential

Help managers to support their reports through remote & hybrid work

Helping individuals understand their innate strengths and motivations to maximize potential




The Hunova platform collects text from self-assessments, open-ended surveys, or meeting transcriptions, rendering unique insights to power understanding amongst individuals on proven frameworks. Data delivered includes:

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Cognitive Accumen

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Interpersonal Facets

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Deep Characteristics

Our platform delivers this data wuth a level of speed, scale, and accuracy that cannot be matched by any other in the industry.

Within the Hunova platform organizations can understand a valid and complete picture of their workforce that can be used to augment career development training opportunities, management insufficiencies and much more.


Our Leadership Team


Arthur Tisi


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Dr. Harold Goldstein

Chief IO Psychologist

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Mike Chirles

Head of Technology

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Justin D'Iorio

VP Business Operations

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Dr. Ken Yusko

VP, Testing

Dr. Charles Scherbaum

Director, Analytics

Dr. Elliot Larson

Director Psychology Operations

Our Advisors


Dr. Brenda Dietrich

Chief Mathematics Officer

Dr. Irwin Glen

Chief Identity Scientist

Lisa Garace

Strategy Advisor

Rama Akiraju

Science and Math Advisor



Arthur T-1

Arthur Tisi


Arthur is the founder of Hunova. Prior to founding Hunova in 2016, Arthur founded and sold several technology companies. He served as the CIO of a private equity holding group, where he was part of the senior team for their IPO on the NASDAQ. Additionally, he served as the Chief Information Officer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art among other executive roles.  


Harold G-1

Harold Goldstein 

Chief Psychology Officer 

Harold serves as the Chief Psychology Officer for Hunova, managing and leading a team of several P.H.D I/O psychologists. With more than 20+ years of experience in I/O psychology, his primary areas of expertise are personnel staffing and equal employment opportunity issues, leadership development, and organizational culture. Harold is known for his work on the design of tests of intelligence that produce reduced racial and gender-biased subgroup differences. His work has earned him and his team the M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research and the International Personnel Assessment Council's Innovations Award. Harold additionally serves as the director of the Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at Baruch College.



Mike C

Michael Chirles

Chief Technology Officer 

Mike brings over 20 years of technical expertise as a software developer and consultant. With experience in serving finance, technology, private equity, and pharmaceutical industries, primarily in startups and mid-sized companies, he brings a unique perspective on the potential applications of machine learning and a goal to develop unique, quality software with a team that enjoys doing the same. He is a graduate of Villanova University and has a deep understanding of software development and a proven track record of success in managing teams and executing projects. He is an invaluable asset to Hunova as we strive to innovate and push boundaries, leveraging his entrepreneurial mindset and experience to drive success. Mike is also a commercial pilot and flight instructor.


Justin Blk WHT

Justin D'Iorio

Vice President of Business Operations 

Justin D’Iorio is the Vice President of Business Operations for Hunova, assisting in strategy and delivery across various business units. Justin joined Hunova in 2018, previously focusing on product and implementation. Prior to joining Hunova, Justin created randomized control trials to help solve economic disparities in developing nations for The World Bank. Justin holds a B.A. in economics from the City University of New York Hunter College. His curiosity and drive for innovation propel his work and success for Hunova.

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