Hunova’s technology enables organizations across a variety of industries.


Optimizing Revenue Through the Use of People-based AI in Global Consulting

In the world of professional services, teams are assembled and disassembled with a dynamism reminiscent of celestial spectacles like Halley’s comet. These agile teams must rapidly navigate the phases of formation, conflict, and adaptation to reach their optimal performance state. The proficiency with which they do so determines project profitability, client contentment, employee satisfaction, and the overall success of outcomes.

Major consulting and 'Big Four' firms are locked in a race to develop and partner with AI-driven solutions in an effort to meet the growing demand from clients eager to harness the disruptive potential of emerging technology and to enhance the speed and quality of their own consulting services.

Hunova's innovative platform empowers consulting firms to pinpoint the catalysts of thriving teams within their domain. With these insights, firms can proactively assemble more diverse and effective teams, and swiftly deploy them to projects. As these teams evolve, Hunova's platform continually monitors vital metrics such as team well-being and psychological safety, allowing for iterative refinements in staffing strategies and enhanced client satisfaction.

Reach out to discover how Hunova's cutting-edge technology can supercharge your firm's impact and deliver unmatched value to your clients.


Consumer Products

Navigating Unprecedented Change with Hunova

Few sectors have weathered as tumultuous shifts in recent years as the consumer goods industry. The ripple effects of the 'great resignation' have been most palpably felt in front-line consumer roles, and the undercurrents of employee turnover remain a looming concern.

Hunova offers an innovative approach, focusing on aligning systems, data and organizational culture.

Discover how Hunova can equip your consumer-centric enterprises like Anheuser-Busch where Hunova provided them with the tools and insights to adeptly address human capital, reducing safety and turnover risks by over 40% across seven of their eight hiring bands.



Elevating Team Dynamics in Professional Sports with Hunova

Every sports season brims with anticipation as professional teams strategize their drafts, trades, signings, and player development agendas. The atmosphere is electric with hope.

Yet, the flip side of this enthusiasm is the inherent risk. What if a drafted player doesn't mesh well with the team's ethos? What if a traded player disrupts the locker room's harmony? Or a high-value signing doesn't live up to the performance benchmark?

Historically, player acquisition in sports has paralleled corporate hiring, emphasizing skills and experience. Hunova shifts this paradigm. Collaborating with premier teams across the sports domain, we delve deeper to discern the nuanced dynamics between players and teams. This holistic view empowers organizations to mitigate risks, curate cohesive teams, and bolster their championship ambitions. Moreover, Hunova's insights facilitate tailored support for players, ensuring optimal returns on investments.

Players aren't just statistics on a sheet; they're individuals with unique strengths and important traits that are actually more unique than physical performance. Let us guide your team towards a more comprehensive and human-centric approach to roster-building while we share how we work with the NFL on the only psychological assessment they now use.


Health Care

Redefining Talent Assessment and Patient-Care in Health Care with Hunova

At the heart of health care lies the sacred bond between a patient and their medical provider. Individuals entrust their well-being to these professionals, counting on them for prevention, treatment, and empathetic counsel.

Yet, many patient-provider relationships are forged out of convenience rather than compatibility. Instead of asking, "Is this the right doctor for me?", the primary concern becomes, "Can I get an appointment?" Such mismatched dynamics can lead to gaps in communication, decreased trust, unexpressed health concerns, and even legal implications.

With Hunova's pioneering technology, healthcare establishments can gain a deeper understanding of patients on a human-centric level. This facilitates improved communication, fortifies patient-provider relationships, and ensures that patients are paired with practitioners best suited to their needs.

Moreover, imagine a world where our platform aids in preventing physician burnout, or where budding medical professionals receive the tailored support they require.

Join us in envisioning and crafting a healthcare ecosystem that prioritizes holistic well-being and genuine connections.


Media & Telecoms

Media and Telecommunications companies face some of the highest rates of lapsed customers and outstanding debt of any industry. At any one point in time, there may be several hundreds of millions in debt that you are unable to collect. Despite scare tactics, constant communications, and the time of customer agents, this debt will be sold off at pennies on the dollar.

However, there is an alternative. Evidence indicates that if a customer can be reengaged within the first 90-days of failed payment, nearly 40% of customers can be retained. This takes more than just a generic approach to collection. Using Hunova’s technology, companies can understand customer churn data and develop customized profiles of customers to personalize communications and approaches to engagement and debt prevention.

For a fraction of the cost of the debt, ask us how Hunova can help your company build nuanced personas of your customers to enable greater customer loyalty.

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Background Screeners & AHRIS/ATS Solutions

Elevating Assessment for Today's Hiring Landscape

In an ideal scenario, every job applicant would be forthright and transparent. However, the reality is sometimes different, with instances of candidates embellishing or even falsifying their credentials. To safeguard their organizations and maintain integrity, employers are increasingly turning to comprehensive background screenings.

Today, companies expect more than just a basic check from screening agencies. They seek insights into an applicant's potential risks concerning safety, stability, and role-specific qualifications.

With Hunova's partnership, background screening agencies and HRIS/ATS solutions can offer a more profound, impartial perspective of candidates. Our technology uncovers positive attributes that might be overlooked in standard screening processes. Plus, integrating Hunova seamlessly into both pre-hire and post-hire workflows ensures compliance with data privacy standards.

Discover how Hunova's cutting-edge technology can elevate your firm's services, offering rapid insights and enhanced return on investment for your clients' recruitment endeavors.

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Private Equity

A Proactive Approach

Private Equity (PE) firms don't just passively monitor their investments. They dive in, engaging hands-on with company management to roll out strategies that bolster value, fuel growth, and enhance financial outcomes. This proactive stance doesn't just uplift the invested companies; it reverberates positively through our economy, spurring innovation and job creation.

A significant part of this process is the support for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Effective data analysis combined with comprehensive human capital insight is paramount.

Enter Hunova: At the intersection of technology and human insight, we've developed state-of-the-art algorithms and systems. These aren't just fixated on talent alone; they gauge the tangible impact of shared acquisition data on the financial bottom line. From price modulation to logistics, financial outcomes, and even price optimization – our integrated systems encompass the multifaceted dimensions of business operations.

Join us for an in-depth conversation on our collaborations with PE and Venture Capital (VC) firms. Discover how we're revolutionizing talent identification and recruitment, and learn how our unique systems are shaping the financial metrics that matter most.

Pharma Icon


Pharmaceutical Innovation: Pioneering a Healthier Tomorrow

The pharmaceutical sector stands as a beacon of progress in the medical realm, pushing the boundaries of life expectancy and enhancing the health and well-being of patients globally. Beyond its intrinsic value in health advancement, the pharmaceutical industry is an indispensable pillar supporting the worldwide economy.

The integration of technology, particularly by business leaders, has unlocked new potential to elevate the precision, efficiency, and pace of drug creation. Take artificial intelligence, for instance: its ability to sift through vast data pools, identifying intricate patterns and relationships, is unparalleled. Projections indicate that by 2025, global investment in digital transformational tools will surge to an impressive $2.8 trillion.

When it comes to onboarding talent tailored for specific roles within pharma companies, Hunova stands unmatched. Our track record speaks volumes, showcasing exceptional accuracy and validity in global recruitment processes.

Let's delve into how we can propel your pharmaceutical firm forward, mirroring our successful collaboration with Merck. With Hunova, expect not just validity, but also a notable reduction in bias and adverse impact in hiring.

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Entertainment & Sports Branding

Harnessing AI for the Future of Sports and Entertainment Brands and Careers

Artificial intelligence is not just a buzzword. It's a transformative force weaving its way into various facets of our lives, from business operations to daily routines, and now, prominently into the sports and entertainment spheres. AI, with its capability to make informed decisions, evaluate athletic prowess, support artists in data analysis, and even pioneer content creation, is poised to redefine sports marketing and artistic representation.

While sports like football, baseball, basketball, and hockey capture significant marketing dollars due to their vast consumer reach, it's essential to recognize the potential in other entertainment avenues. Notably, while 59% of Americans identify as sports fans, a staggering 91% invest over 24 hours a week immersed in music, according to Nielsen. This disparity is further highlighted when considering U.S. marketing spending: a whopping $16.3 billion on sports versus a comparatively meager $1.5 billion on music.

Enter Hunova. Our advanced AI solutions equip sports franchises and entertainment agencies with the tools to decipher critical attributes that influence performance, both onstage and on the field. Beyond that, we provide insights into leveraging social platforms to amplify brands, ensuring longevity in artists' careers and facilitating successful transitions for athletes post their active sporting days.

Join us in exploring how our collaborations with elite organizations like the NFL and MLB are reshaping the narratives, brands, and successes of global artists and athletes.

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