Hunova’s technology enables organizations across a variety of industries to match individuals with roles, improve the employee experience, and achieve positive organizational outcomes. Review the examples below for information on how our clients have used Tambr.


Professional services firms spin up and break-down teams with a frequency and velocity that would make Halley’s comet jealous. These teams are constantly working to quickly make their way through the forming, storming, and norming phases of their development so they can begin creating value in the performing phase. The efficiency and effectiveness of this process is the difference between a profitable project and not, a satisfied client and not, a positive employee experience and not, and a successful outcome and not.

Using Hunova’s platform, consulting firms can understand what drives successful teams in their organization and immediately turn this insight into action by composing better, more cognitively diverse, teams and deploying them. Along the way you can track the team’s health, including psychological safety, to continually refine your staffing patterns and client satisfaction.

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No industry has experienced more volatility over the past two years than consumer goods. The ‘great resignation’ has so far been felt most strongly across front-line jobs in consumer goods, and the churn risk continues to be significant.

While getting roles filled is an important measure, it is a temporary band-aid on a systemic problem. Hunova has developed a robust process to help identify a candidate’s fit for an organization that leverages their shared cultural attributes and thus reduces the culture shock that typically follows a new hire. In some companies, this fit is the best predictor of longer-term success within a company.

One of Hunova’s Fortune 500 customers was experiencing a 40% churn rate of employees in their first 6-months of employment. The culture within the company was very strong but was not integrated into the hiring process. Using Hunova’s technology and culture model, the customer was able to reduce their churn rate of 40% down to 1%. This created significant financial and productivity gains for the organization in the ensuing months.

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Professional Sports

Every year teams across professional sports plan their approaches to drafts, trades, signings, and player development. Enthusiasm and positivity abound.

On the flip side, each of these approaches comes with significant risks – what if we draft a player that isn’t a good fit? Or, trade for a player that changes the dynamics of the locker room? Or, sign a player for significant dollars and they underperform relative to our expectations.

Traditional player acquisition and development approaches mirror that of the corporate world – hiring for skills or experience. With Hunova, we have worked with teams across professional sports, to understand the bigger picture about players and teams. This allows organizations to manage their risk and build teams ready for championship aspirations. We also help identify how to put the best supports around a player so the investment you make in them has the best opportunity to pay off.

Players are more than just their stats – they are human beings. Ask us how we can help improve your approach to team building.


Health Care

The patient-health care provider relationship is one of the most critical partnerships a human being will have in their life. A person relies on their medical practitioner to prevent them from getting sick, help fix them when they are ill, and to listen when they need an empathetic ear.

However, these relationships are invariably created out of convenience rather than fit – ‘does the doctor have availability?’, and not, ‘are they someone I will be comfortable with or trust?’. This can have unintended consequences including, patients not being open or truthful about symptoms, negative patient experiences, and malpractice lawsuits, amongst many others.

Using Hunova’s technology, health care providers can understand patients at a human level to improve communications, build better relationships, or even ensure the most complementary practitioner is matched to the patient.

Beyond this pairing, what if you could help physicians avoid burnout, or ensure student practitioners had access to the right supports when they need them.

Ask us how we can help build a better health care system for all.


Media & Telecoms

Media and Telecommunications companies face some of the highest rates of lapsed customers and outstanding debt of any industry. At any one point in time, there may be several hundreds of millions in debt that you are unable to collect. Despite scare tactics, constant communications, and the time of customer agents, this debt will be sold off at pennies on the dollar.

However, there is an alternative. Evidence indicates that if a customer can be reengaged within the first 90-days of failed payment, nearly 40% of customers can be retained. This takes more than just a generic approach to collection. Using Hunova’s technology, companies can develop customized profiles of customers to personalize communications and approaches to engagement and debt prevention.

For a fraction of the cost of the debt, ask us how Hunova can help your company build nuanced personas of your customers to enable greater customer loyalty.

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