Tambr is Hunova’s human capital as a service platform that leverages people analytics including relationships, skills, psychometrics (incl. psychology, behavior, cognition, and emotion), and work style preferences to enable personalized, adaptable, and future-ready solutions for organizational challenges.

Using Tambr, your organization can develop a complete picture of your workforce to understand how to create the right environment and deliver the right supports that bring out the best in workers and teams, and that optimize the organization for a variety of complex challenges.




Tambr provides a complete examination of your workers, teams, and the organization to enable insights that no other solution can. Your organization is a complex system and can’t just be broken down into parts (like a job or a set of skills). Success requires understanding the bigger picture and how everything fits (on a team, and across the whole organization). Solving today’s challenges means looking beyond your employees’ hard skills and job title and understanding who they are as human beings. Only then can, and should, you turn insight into action.

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How many times have you heard the adage that change is constant? Despite how prevalent and real this is today, the ‘moment in time’ approach to challenges has not changed since the dawn of the first industrial era. (Note: we are now in the fourth.) The need to turn insight into action immediately has never been more pressing. This is why we built Tambr. Our human capital as a service platform enables ongoing change to be met with proactive intervention.

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