Hunova announces new strategic partnerships with Principles You a Ray Dalio company created by Adam Grant and Fama.IO


Hunova is the team that built IBM Watson and as a platform and advises the U.S. Department of Justice on accuracy and bias. Imagine how we can help across your organization through augmented, human intelligence solutions tied to human capital.



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Hunova delivers accurate, validated solutions guided by humans in partnership with AI, it is what we refer to as "Augmented Intelligence". Our AI supports a deep understanding of people related to business competencies, fit, risk, safety, employee selection, optimization and retention.




The Hunova team delivers an analysis of your strategic talent recruiting and retention goals and then engages in a process that aligns whether it is based on top of the funnel, recruiting or assessing current employees.



Hunova's team and solutions provide unique insights to help foster an understanding of company and individual motivations and capabilities.



Leverage the best third-party HRIS, ATS, and Background solutions to optimize an understanding of people so you hire more accurately and retain top talent.



Build understanding from data between managers and employees, at every level within every aspect of your business, empowering positive connections and return on investment to the benefit of your organization. 

Our solutions provide business insights, whether from internal or external data sources, and language from people whether customers or employees using a proprietary ensemble of algorithms and integrations built by world-class Phds, including three that founded the solutions behind IBM Watson and

Some of Our Solutions

Customer Service

On-line and Background Analysis

People live their lives publicly online. Gone are the days when you don’t know which candidate is a risk for fraud, harassment, threats and violence.  FCRA, EEOC, and SOC2 compliant, with the ability to integrate with major HRIS, ATS, and background check solutions.Through our solutions and partnerships with HireRight and Fama you can identify the behavior of individuals in prior roles, their qualifications and their online behavior.


Job Performance

We provide solutions that identify and enable teams and individuals to perform optimally based on their roles whether they be focused on sales, technology, or any role.


Safety and Risk

Employee performance and safety can be critical to a company's success when tied to multi-modal AI combined with machine and deep learning.  Companies and partners use our technology to assess employee risks associated with their behavior associated with safety.


Turnover and Retention

By leveraging AI, companies can identify how probable it is for an employee to decide to leave an organization early as well as whether or not they will stay engaged.

We Deliver A Rare Combination

of Speed & Accuarcy 


Our Assessments can't be gamed and take 6 minutes or less to complete.


Proven Science, results, and validity. With very high self-user ratings.


Built to reduce bias by a team of Department of Justice advisors and scientists.


We support written and spoken text from multiple languages.



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