Hunova forms Hunova Labs to further validate the Uniquely Human Future of Work

Katonah, NY – April 6, 2022 – Hunova (formerly Meaningbot) has formed Hunova Labs, a segment of the company composed of various experts influencing The Future of Work. This additional action represents another investment as the company expands the platform, adding tools powered to serve the people-centric future of work with unbiased and validated data to improve decision-making and drive successful business outcomes.

The Hunova Labs team includes:

Dr. Harold Goldstein, Chief Psychology Officer

Harold Goldstein, Chief Psychology OfficerIPAC award for innovations in testing. He also serves as an expert to the US Department of Justice on legal issues in personnel selection processes.

Dr. Ken Yusko, Vice-President of Testing

Scott Myers Award recipient for applied research for his work in cognitive ability testing that enhances both the diversity and quality of new hires.

Dr. Elliott Larson, Director of Psychology Operations

Published research in the areas of personnel selection, training and development, and emotions in the workplace

Dr. Charles Scherbaum, Director of Analytics

Action Research Grant recipient for his research on personnel selection techniques

Dr. Ramon Rodriguez Montalban, Director of Multi-lingual Psychology

Hispanic Clinical and Translational Research Education and Career Development (HCTRECD) Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).Doctorate in Occupational Health Psychology, Master in Psychology of Work, Organizations and Human Resources, specialty in Occupational Health.

Hunova Labs, Chief Psychology Officer, Harold Goldstein, explained that “The main team Arthur is bringing in is composed of Industrial Organizational Psychologists. While a clinician studies people in general in their lives, we study people in the workplace to try to understand them with depth and to predict their behavior and how they will perform and function in a work environment.”

Transparency and validity of data are central to the formation of Hunova Labs, which is just starting with the addition of these professionals. The Future of Trust is equally important to the Future of Work, which means ethical assurances are necessary to build trust in the way:

  • Data is collected
  • Data is interpreted
  • Data is distributed

“Since human capital as a service is a completely new concept, it’s taking data that’s never been combined before and creating insights that make teams and people better. People analytics data have never been successfully combined in this way. You need expertise to do that and that’s why we formed Hunova Labs,” said Arthur Tisi, CEO of Hunova.

The data collected and analyzed includes:

  • Skills and experience
  • Relationships and network
  • Working preferences
  • Cognitive, Psychological, Emotional, and Behavioral traits

As companies focus more and more on cognitive diversity and psychological safety, Hunova Labs is a profound measure taken by the company to make sure that data is comprehensive and precise enough to provide accurate, actionable, and valuable insights.

Within the Hunova platform, organizations are able to develop skills-based, adaptable organization designs, scenario plan workforce options, understand critical gaps in skills, cognitive diversity, and relationships. Likewise, workers can understand their profile, how to develop their career, what learning pathways are available to them, what they need to work on, how their compensation stacks up, who they should connect with, and much more.

Corey Norman, Vice-President of Customer Engagement and Innovation, said, “Our objective at Hunova is to continually bring value to our customers. We have a game-changing human capital platform that customers are using to tackle the Future of Work head-on. Today, we are excited to announce the formation of Hunova Labs, our center of excellence for human insights, that we believe will usher in the era of the Uniquely Human Future of Work. This team will play an important role in ensuring our customers are optimizing their organizations and their people for any challenge that may lay ahead.”

We will continue to grow our team over time to bring value to our customers.

Hunova’s Tambr platform is an integrated Human Capital as a Service platform that delivers insights and actions for any enterprise, team or individual. Tambr manages Human Traits (Psychological, Emotional, Behavioral), Skills and Competencies, Network Relationships, Work-style Preferences, Career Credential Validation, and Learning/Mindset Education.