Emsi BG stacked slate@4xGreenwich, CT – May 4, 2022 - Hunova announced a partnership with Emsi Burning Glass, the world’s leading authority on job skills.

The partnership between Hunova and Emsi Burning Glass is transformative for the future of work. The insights solve real-world challenges like equity, inclusion, culture, employee retention, and the hybrid workforce.

The two companies are coming together to improve the health of human capital at the organization, department, team, and individual levels. Insights can be assessed on relationships, skills, personality, certifications, and behavioral nudges.

This partnership supports Emsi Burning Glass’s mission of leading the transition to a future of work based on skills and capabilities. Emsi Burning Glass Executive Vice President Bruce Evans notes, “This partnership is a practical step towards individuals owning their own validated skills data.”

In terms of the organization, this partnership further validates an understanding that skills play into the entire organization, especially now as we continue to face a labor shortage. Skills gaps account, partly, to the inability to fill jobs and also to succession planning. “Imagine knowing an individual’s employee retention risk and then being able to see others in your organization with the exact skills, by DEI measure and pay scale,” said Arthur Tisi, Hunova’s CEO and Founder. “Hunova spearheads the incorporation of vast, never before available people-data to deliver ‘so, what?” actions that help people optimize their life and career and solve critical organizational challenges; things like employee retention, DEI, and culture-fit. The ontologies on millions of roles from Emsi Burning Glass are an extremely valuable part of our Human Capital as a Service.”

 About Hunova:

Hunova is an enterprise human capital insights and solution platform that leverages people analytics including relationships, skills, and human traits. Hunova is creating a significant shift in the relationship between employees and employers. Hunova’s purpose is to ensure that the future of work is designed to be uniquely human, enabling every person and organization to achieve success. For more, visit

About Emsi Burning Glass:

Emsi Burning Glass is the world’s leading authority on job skills, workforce talent, and labor market dynamics, providing expertise that empowers businesses, education providers, and governments to find the skills and talent they need and enables workers to unlock new career opportunities. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and Moscow, Idaho, Emsi Burning Glass is active in more than 30 countries and has offices in the United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, and India. The company is backed by global private equity leader KKR. For more, visit