MeaningBot has changed its name to Hunova to represent the next phase of the company’s evolution and expansion to an enterprise human capital as a service platform.

Katonah, NY – December 13, 2021 – MeaningBot, provider of unbiased deep psychological modeling for companies who want to better understand their employees and applicants, has changed its name to Hunova. This name change represents the next phase of the company’s evolution and the expansion to a platform with human capital as a service tools powered to serve the workforce of the future.

Almost two years have passed since the pandemic created an unprecedented shift in life as we know it. We collectively experienced the challenges created by COVID-19, which shined a light on the many ineffective orthodoxies made painfully acceptable by simply a resistance to change. 

Flexible work, the ‘great resignation’, the growth of freelancing and the ‘gig economy’, among many significant changes, has created a paradigm shift between company and employee requiring the workforce ecosystem to undergo total transformation. The way we work will never be the same. 

Hunova, with its products to come, reflects the uniquely human future of work where human capital as a service integrates analytics that optimize talent and facilitate workflow for positive business outcomes. 

The Hunova platform collects and analyzes human capital data from organizations and workers to render unique insights and power ongoing human capital as a service offerings that enable direct action. 

Data collected and analyzed includes:

  • Skills and experience
  • Relationships and network
  • Working preferences
  • Cognitive, Psychological, Emotional, and Behavioral traits

This data – including their correlations – powers the unique insights that no other platform can, at the speed, scale and accuracy of Hunova.

Our products provide far reaching benefits across every segment of organization, teams, management, and workers, offering unbiased and validated data to improve decision-making and drive successful outcomes. We leverage open AI and machine learning technology to make work better for workers, and workers better at work. 

How to make work better for workers and workers better at work:

  • Help organizations reduce churn risk with new hires
  • Improve teams and their ability to deliver on outcomes
  • Enable organizations to engage and communicate with human beings to drive successful transformations
  • Identify and enable adaptability in the workforce
  • Help managers support their reports through remote and hybrid work
  • Help leaders understand their leadership tendencies 

Hunova sees a rapidly evolving world of work starting with a shift in what workers expect from employers and what organizations need from workers. Hunova’s purpose is to ensure that the future of work is designed to be uniquely human, enabling every worker to achieve their professional goals and every organization to achieve success. 

Within the Hunova platform, organizations are able to develop skills-based, adaptable organization designs, scenario plan workforce options, understand critical gaps in skills, cognitive diversity, and relationships. Likewise, workers can understand their profile, how to develop their career, what learning pathways are available to them, what they need to work on, how their compensation stacks up, who they should connect with, and much more. 

Corey Norman, Vice-President of Customer Engagement and Innovation at Hunova, has led the new company vision, design and development of products and services. Most recently a senior executive at Deloitte, Corey is an innovation professional who works directly with stakeholders in the discovery, design, development, and management of organizations, products and services.  He works closely with Arthur Tisi, CEO and founder, and the senior Hunova team to envision and enhance the enterprise solution tools, while managing Hunova’s Channel and Partner relationships. 

Hunova is an enterprise insights and solution tool based on people analytics including relationships, skills, psychometrics, and work style preferences, offering unbiased and validated data on human capital. Our products provide far reaching organizational benefits across every segment of teams, management and individuals.